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Hartland Farms Intermediate

Our Mission

The Farms Intermediate TEAM, in cooperation with the community, is committed to meeting the unique intellectual, emotional, social and physical needs of our students.  We will ensure a safe, positive atmosphere that promotes life-long learning, a respect for diversity, responsibility for self, and concern for others.

School Beliefs

A successful school is build upon shared beliefs.  As a community working together, we will achieve the goals we have set for our children.
We will nurture a positive school climate by...
  • creating a safe and secure physical environment.
  • fostering a sense of pride in our physical surroundings.
  • having clear rules and expectations of behavior.
  • promoting kindness and courtesy for all.
  • providing resources for all emotional, academic, and physical needs.
We will establish high expectations by...
  • offering an array of educational opportunities that are challenging and open-ended so that our students may explore and achieve without limit.
  • setting standards that are clear and concise.
  • keeping parents informed and involved.
  • involving students in self appraisal as a critical element of their education.
We will acquire knowledge and develop skills by...
  • using hands-on activities, cooperative learning and active participation.
  • practicing improving, expanding and solidifying student learning.
  • encouraging student and parents to work together to build a positive attitude toward learning.
  • providing opportunities to problem-solve, make complex decisions and evaluate efforts.
  • being life-long learners.
  • being prepared to use what we have learned.
We will demonstrate reason, respect, and responsibility by...
  • recognizing and accepting diversity.
  • providing experiences for learning social skills and conflict resolution.
  • modeling and providing activities to develop kindness and compassion.
  • encouraging individual involvement of all members of the educational community in the learning process.
  • promoting involvement in community service.
We will cultivate personal growth by...
  • acknowledging that physical, social and emotional health optimize learning potential.
  • providing opportunities that promote healthy minds, bodies, and social relationships.
  • providing experiences that help develop self-worth.
  • providing challenging new experiences.
  • modeling honesty, integrity and trustworthiness through positive interactions.
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