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Information for On-Demand Argument Essay

Do you think the United States should make changes in terms of energy creation and consumption?


Growth Mindset #1

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Digital Citizenship video #1

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Team Calendar

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Daily Schedule

8:45-9:20 Homeroom and Acceleration Time
Fridays 8:45-8:58

9:20-10:15 1st Hour: All Homerooms (HR)- Language Arts (Writer's Workshop)
Fridays 8:58-9:44

10:18-11:12 2nd Hour: - All Homerooms (HR)- Language Arts (Reader's Workshop)
Fridays 9:47-10:33

11:15-12:10 3rd Hour: Brown HR- MathD'Arcy HR-Science, Bontekoe HR-Social Studies
Fridays 10:36-11:22

12:10-12:25 Brain Break
Fridays 11:21-11:35
12:25-12:56 4th HourBontekoe HR- Math, Brown- ScienceD'Arcy HR-Social Studies
Fridays 11:35-12:10
12:56-1:26     D Lunch
Fridays 12:10-12:40
1:26-1:52 4th hour: Bontekoe HR- Math, Brown HR- Science, D'Arcy HR- Social Studies
Fridays 12:40-1:10
1:54-2:46 5th HourD'Arcy HR- MathBontekoe HR-ScienceWissner HR-Social Studies
Fridays 1:10-1:56

2:50-3:45 6th Hour: Encore (odd days), Band/Vocal (even days)
Fridays 1:59-2:45


Weekly: Parent Signatures in Assignment Book
Weekly: 120 minutes At-Home Reading Log

Teacher E-mail

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